Insurance Disputes

When a policyholder pays insurance premiums to their insurance company, they expect the company will act in good faith and honor their claims should they arise. However, many times the insurance company won’t honor it and will attempt to deny the claim.

It’s all too common for insurance companies do this without a legitimate reason or explanation. Another common tactic is that they offer claims that are far smaller than they actually should be paying. In both of these cases an insurance dispute attorney is your best bet. Clients with attorney’s receive claims that are 6 times larger than those that file claims on their own.


Insurance Dispute Cases
are Resolved Every Year

Every year thousands of insurance dispute cases are filed for claims that should have never been denied. If you insurance claim was denied or low-balled, talk to us today to learn your options.

Why APX Law Firm

APX Law Firm can handle many types of cases, if we don’t believe we are the best firm to fight for you we have a nationwide network of attorneys who specialize in specific areas of law that will be able to help you. Based on your case, APX will connect you with a well qualified attorney who will be your advocate.


No Cash Needed

No expensive hourly lawyer fees that add up. You only pay a percentage of your case value if you win.


100% Free Consultation

Many people lose out on thousands of dollars because they don’t think they have a case. Call now to find out if you do.


Hold Insurance Companies Accountable

Big companies put profits ahead of people. We are here to stand up to fight back for you.


Don't Let Big Insurance Companies Low-Ball You

You pay your insurance premium every month expecting help in return for when the worst happens. When your insurance company won’t honor their end of the deal it’s time to find a lawyer that specializes in insurance disputes to fight on your behalf.

Why you want a Insurance Dispute Lawyer on your Side

People who hire an attorney to handle their insurance disputes often receive far more compensation than those that try to manage the claims process themselves. On average people who hire an attorney get up to six times more in final settlement value.

If you were denied or low-balled on your insurance claim you should call us to find out if you have a viable case. APX Law is 100% free if we don’t win your case and charge no hourly legal fees. Don’t wait to hire a lawyer, as lawsuits need to be filed by certain deadlines to be successful. Fill out a form or call us today.