Finding A Lawyer Made Easy

APX Law Firm can handle many types of cases, if we don’t believe we are the best firm to fight for you we have a nationwide network of attorneys who specialize in specific areas of law that will be able to help you. Based on your case, APX will connect you with a well qualified attorney who will be your advocate.

Zero Fees Unless You Win

No out of pocket costs. All cases are handled by attorneys on a contingency fee basis. You only pay if you win. Simple as that, if you don’t win, you don’t pay. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

Respectful Lawyer

Every client has a unique situation that needs to be handled professionally. APX Law Firm is here to help fight your battles and help recover compensation for injuries or injustice.

Areas of Practice

We are able to help clients through all kinds of situations. Here are a few examples of cases we regularly service. Call us today to find out if we can help with your case.

Personal Injury

If you were hurt in any way, we are here to help. Whether it was a vehicle accident like a car, truck, or motorcycle; or a slip in the grocery store.

Medical Malpractice

Over 250,000 people die every year as a result of medical errors. If you or a loved one were hurt or passed away due to a medical error call us today.

Workers Compensation

Hurt at work? Millions of Americans are hurt at work every year. We can help you recover compensation for your injuries and lost wages.

Defective Products

Hurt by a Product? Thousands of Americans are hurt, injured, or killed by consumer products every year. We hold big companies accountable for these horrible mistakes.

Harmful Drugs

Hurt by taking medication? Thousands of Americans are hurt, injured, or killed by prescription drugs every year. We hold big companies accountable for these mistakes.

Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies often low-ball or deny claims . We are here to fight back and get you the compensation you deserve.

One of a Kind Personalized Attention

With big law firms individuals often get stuck at the bottom of a stack of cases. APX law connects clients with the best lawyer for their needs.

Discuss your legal issue

Don’t let big companies take advantage of you. Discuss your issue with an attorney today to learn your rights!

Introduction to recommended lawyers

If we don’t have the best lawyer for your case, we will introduce you to someone who would do a better job.

Learn Your Options

Most people think that lawsuits harm other people. This is often not the case, most lawsuits are filed against insurance companies that fail to pay victims.

Everyone should have access to legal representation and a lawyer who fights for them.

Don't settle for less. Standing up for people who were low-balled, denied, or bullied by insurance companies or wronged by big corporations is at the core of APX.

Founding Attorney

Michael Jones is the founding partner of APX Law Firm. Learn about his journey for justice, why he stands up against big corporations, and fights for clients like you.