About Us

Legal Expertise in Personal Injury and Plaintiff's Law


About Us

APX Law Firm is dedicated to fighting for the little guys. We stand up to bullies and big corporations who have the power to deny payment to individuals which they may have harmed.

We have a track record for helping those in need of legal representation find the best advocates for their case whether that’s an APX Law Firm lawyer or a distinguished partner in our trusted network.

If you believe you were harmed or wronged in any way, don’t hesitate or wait, contact us today to find out if you have a case.

Our Founding Attorney

Michael Jones is the founding partner of APX Law Firm. Mike understands what it’s like to battle against bullies and stand against corporate giants. He has dedicated his career to fighting big corporations to get compensation for injured individuals.

No Hourly Lawyer Fees

Everyone should have access to legal representation and a lawyer who fights for them regardless of their income.

Learn Your Options

Most people think that lawsuits harm other people. This is often not the case, most lawsuits are filed against insurance companies that fail to pay victims.

Introduction to recommended lawyers

If we don’t have the best lawyer for your case, we will introduce you to someone who would do a better job.